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Key words: Natural, Vegan, Fermentation, Non-animal source,ect

Engaged in Research and Development, series of amino acids and their derivatives have been put into production

Yangcheng is a international supplier provding food and feed additives, supplements, intermediates

Product Features

Product Features

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Yangcheng has 2 manufacturing plants, Heze Juancheng Plant And Jining Taiping Plant, which merges biological method with chemical synthesis method and plant extraction method, ensuring the Output, Quality and Purity. Meanwhile, Yangcheng produces series of goods with Low Energy Consumption, its sustainability is ensured compared with Traditional Processes. 
1. Advanced production equipments
2. Complete precision analysis and testing instruments
3. Certificates ISO9001: 2015, FSSC22000, FAMI-QS, Kosher, Halal, SC food/feed, ect

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