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Key words: Natural, Vegan, Fermentation, Non-animal source,ect

Engaged in Research and Development, series of amino acids and their derivatives have been put into production

Yangcheng is a international supplier provding food and feed additives, supplements, intermediates

R&D Center

R&D Center

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The R&D of Yangcheng involves pharm. intermediates, food/feed additives, bio-based agricultural raw materials, etc. A number of bio-based products were put into production and market, eg. L-tyrosine with fermentation method, have filled the gap in this field in China.
There are 3 R&D directions:
1)Green/sustainable development -- Biological method merges chemical synthesis method
2)Development of non- animal products -- Biotechnology products replace animal products
3)Continuously reduce the production cost --- Promoting the production to reach the limit value

Yangcheng has 2 independent labs and one Post-Doctoral Mobile Station, while also establishes a long-term strategic cooperation with Nanjing University, Ludong University, and Tianjin University of Science and Technology, and long-term strategic cooperation with Shandong Lukang. Yangcheng reserves a number of new technologies. It has obtained 17 invention patents, 3 copyrights, 8 applications accepted, 5 scientific and technological achievements appraisal, etc., and took the lead to participate in the formulation of 3 national standards and 3 national standards.

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