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Key words: Natural, Vegan, Fermentation, Non-animal source,ect

Engaged in Research and Development, series of amino acids and their derivatives have been put into production

Yangcheng is a international supplier provding food and feed additives, supplements, intermediates

Company Profile

Company Profile

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       Shandong YangCheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2009, with registered capital of RMB11.7 million.The company is engaged in R&D and production of food/feed additives/supplements, intermediates for pharmaceutical/electronic material, such as Amino acids& derivatives, special bio-enzymes, organic nitrogen source for microorganism broth and organic fertilizer, etc. For more details, you are welcome to check the product center. 
       Sedex member, FDA registration, DUNS. Current Certificates: ISO9001:2015, Fssc22000, Kosher, Halal, Fami-QS, Food and Feed production license, National high-tech enterprise, Environmental management system certification, ect.

       Yangcheng’s plant covers a total construction area of 30,000 m2, including fermentation workshop, enzyme conversion workshop, refining and packaging workshop, equipped with complete sewage treatment and other production facilities.  
       Yangcheng attracts a large number of talents with biological engineering technology, industry and business, including 45 R&D staff, 3 professors, 3 senior engineers, 10 intermediate title staff, 4 doctoral candidates, 12 postgraduates. We have obtained 10 patents, 2 software Copyrights, 12 pending applications, ect.
       Environmentally produced, the product is in circular economy model of recyclable raw materials; Development of non- animal products -- Biotechnology products replace animal products; Continuously reduce the production cost --- Promoting the production to reach the limit value.

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