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Announcement of the recommendation of the 2016 National Science and technology award candidate project

Date:2015-11-28 19:30:40

According to the requirement of "Notice of National Science and technology awards Office of National Science & Technology Awards in 2016 recommended work " (No. 46 national science award word 2015), China Light Industry Association intends to recommend to the National Office"Key technology research and industrialization of aromatic amino acids and derivatives"of our company as the 2016 annual National Science and technology award candidate project. The name of recommender, job holder, job holder unit will be found in the attachment. Within 10 days from the date of publication, any entity or individual who has any objection to the proposed project may submit to the entity in writing and provide the necessary supporting documents. In order to facilitate the verification, and to ensure that the parties to seek truth from facts and deal with the objection, the unit or individual that has raised the objection shall indicate the true identity and provide the contact information. If an individual makes an objection, it shall sign the real name on the written objection material; if the objection is raised in the name of the unit, it shall affix the official seal of the unit. Anonymous objection inadmissible. Hereby announce.
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